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What Is It Like Living In Centreville, Virginia?

This article examine what it is like to live in Centreville, VA including best place to live, its economy, real estate prospect and many more.

Best Place to Live

One of the best place to live in Centreville is the National center – Along the Potomac River, between Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, inland from Chesapeake Bay.

Why should you consider living here?

It is a uniquely attractive area of historic interest with a lot of amenities and things to do for adults and couples with their family. Despite these, the cost of living in this area is rising coupled with rapid growth associated with a lot of people moving into this area. It also do experience high summer heat.

General Overview of Centreville, VA and environ

It would be an understatement to say that Centreville, VA is a unique place. It is a historic town with plenty of attractions. The Bull Run Park located some mile away from downtown Centreville is a tourist gem. It has amenities such as a soccer field, water slides, water playground, wading pool and space for picnics. It is a well-planned neighborhood with a lot of amenities for families who are looking for a place cool enough and without the bustling of the urban Center but not too far to the nation’s capital.



The recent data released showed that the unemployment rate in Centreville is 3.2%, way below the national average of 5.2%. The recent job growth is positive as Centreville jobs increased by 0.35%

Cost of living

When compared with the rest of the country, the cost of living in Centreville, VA is 50.3% higher than the nation’s average.


Centreville population is little above 70,000. Since the turn of the millennium, it has always witness high population growth. This shows that more people are being attracted to the neighborhood because of the wonderful amenities, low crime and high standard of living.


The average commute time in Centreville, VA is 26 minutes same as the national average.

Real Estate

The median cost of a house in Centreville, VA is $404,400. House appreciation in the last ten years has been around 4.17%.


Centreville, VA public schools are rated high in the country. Public schools in Centreville spend about $14,978 per student while the average school expenditure in the United States is $12,383. There are about 12.8 students per teacher in Centreville’s schools with excellent learning infrastructure and equipment in a conducive learning environment.

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