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A Brief History and Driving Tour of the Centreville, VA Heritage (Part 3)

In this concluding article on the driving tour of the Centreville Heritages and monuments, we will continue to list important buildings and monuments in Centreville that have given the city its historic feel.

The Old Stone Church

The construction of this building was completed in 1855 and was used as a hospital during the first and second Manassas Battles. The original structure was destroyed during the second Manassas battle and the church was rebuilt in 1870. The stone addition was built and completed in 1845.


The Old Stone Church is across the street from the Havener House

Lanes Mills

Lanes Mills is believed to have been constructed in the 1760s, before the Revolution. It was built in between the Big Bocky Run and The Cub Run. This site contains the remains of what is left of a light mill company owned by the Lanes family for more than 100 years. It features one grist mill, a shell pit and trail race, two mill race and a saw mill.


From Battery Ridge, go back leftward onto the stone road and across Rt. 29 at the intersection.

Hutchinson House

This house was believed to have been built in 1750 as the home of John and Rosemond Hutchison


From Lane Mill, go back left onto Rt. 29, then move right onto Pleasant Valley road. Cross over to Braddock road, the house is on the right afterwards.


This building was originally constructed at Artillery Hill but was moved to its present location in 1965 with a full basement added.


Take Old Centreville road to Rt. 28, then move left onto Rt. 28 at light. Move right onto the New Braddock road at next light, then move left at stoplight to Centerwood drive. Sunnyside is on the right with house number 6321.


The Confederate Railroad

The Confederate railroad was the first railroad ever constructed solely for military use. It was constructed and used during the time the Confederate army were occupying Centreville. It was used to carry supplies to the troops stationed in Centreville. The railroad was abandoned immediately the Confederate Army withdrew from Centreville in the spring of 1862. The rails were later pulled out by the Union Army and were used to repairs sections of other rail lines.


From Sunnyside, make a left turn onto old Centreville road and move until the very end of the road in Compton. Take right on Compton road, the remains of the Confederate Railroad is on the right.

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