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A Brief History and a driving tour of the Centreville VA heritage (Part 2)

In the part 1 of these series of article on the history and a driving tour of Centreville heritage, we discussed the history and gave a general overview of the city of Centreville. Here, we will continue by actually taking the driving tour by introducing some of the city’s historic heritages and monuments.

Mount Gilead

It is believed that this building was constructed around 1700 but documented evidences have shown that this building has existed as early as 1785. It was originally constructed to be a tavern called the Ordinary at the sign of the Black Horse. According to local tradition, it has been said that George Washington visited the home but this has not been verified. Mount Gilead was used as the headquarters of the Confederate Army during the winter 0f 1861 -1862 when about 40,000 troops were camped at Centreville.


From the intersection of 28 and 29, take 29 E toward Fairfax, turn left on Braddock road at second light. Turn right onto Mount Gilead road and bear left at St. John’s Church. Mount Gilead is on the left.

St John’s Episcopal Church

The first St John’s Church was built and consecrated on July 14, 1851. The forerunner was constructed in 1746. It was used alternately as a hospital and a camp ground during the civil war. At a point, it was burned down and rebuilt in the same year of 1867. Its cemetery contains the remains of many civil war soldiers and several important names in Centreville’s past.


From Mount Gilead. Take Mount Gilead road back to Braddock road. The church is on the left before the bent

Harrison House

The Harrison House was believed to have been built in 1840. It is a two story structure of white color and with stone walk-in basement. It is also said, that church services for St John’s church were held here while the church was occupied during the civil war.


From St. John’s Church. Take the Mount Gilead road back toward Braddock road. The house is on the right at the intersection.

The Havener House

It is believed that this house was constructed in 1790, although, this date have been contested. During the war, it was used as an aid station and at some point, it was used as an inn and in 1912, it was used as Centreville’s post office. In the 1920s, it reverts to a combination of private residence and general store.


From Harrison House, turn right on Braddock road. Havener house is on the right.

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