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A Brief History and a driving tour of the Centreville VA heritage (Part 1)

Some 200 years ago, the town of Centreville was born. It is an area rich in history, stone tools used by the Indians, old metal farm tools from early settlers and relics from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars are still found today in Centreville.

The landmarks contained in this driving tour came together to make Centreville a very unique historic town and gave its dwellers and people a sense of pride. In this modern day Centreville, which is fast paced, hustle and bustling, these landmarks are frequently under threat in the haste to build new structures. Before we proceed to these landmarks, let give a brief history of Centreville.


Centreville was chartered as a town in 1792, despite that, its history began long before then with the arrival of the Paleo-Indians some 12,000 years ago. European settlers arrived afterwards in 1720s and by 1760s they have established a thriving village called Newgate. The name was changed to Centreville when the Virginia Assembly authorized town status for Newgate.

Centreville has experienced mixed fortunes – the good and the bad times. The most dramatic period that easily come to mind was the period of the civil war, during which the town was occupied alternately by the Union and Confederate troops, and the battles of the first and second Manassas, which was fought within the town. These wars destroyed Centreville, but not the courage and the zeal of those you called it home. Though, it took years of hard work and careful planning, but they rebuild the city and made it prosper again.

Centreville has changed, over the years, from a mere post-civil war farming community to a budding city of today. This is a call for all who live in this city and the future generation of its residents to strive to protect these rich historical heritage of the beautiful city of Centreville.

It is worthy to note and commend the efforts of the Historic Centreville Society for what they are doing to preserve these historic monuments and heritages. Through their efforts, the oldest written record in Fairfax County, the 1737 Willoughby Newton Boundary stone was saved and it is now with the Centreville Regional Library where it is now been displayed for all Centreville residents and visitors to the city alike. The society was also responsible for the preservation of the 1760 Lane’s Mill ruins. This site is now the Fairfax County’s first archeological park.

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